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Epic Seed Packs


Epic Garden Seed Sets: Your Real World Garden Awaits

🌿 6 Seed Packets To Bring Your Epic Garden to Life! 🌿

Transform your garden into an enchanting playground with our exclusive “Epic Garden” Seed Sets! Each set is a magical invitation to bring the charm and challenges of “Epic Garden” into the real world. Perfect for green thumbs of all ages, these seed packets not only promise lush, bountiful harvests but also introduce you to the delightful characters that have captivated players in the game.

  • Bring the Game to Life: Experience the joy of “Epic Garden” beyond the tabletop by growing your very own epic garden at home.
  • Educational Fun: Learn valuable gardening skills and understand the lifecycle of plants through hands-on experience.
  • Quality Seeds: Carefully selected for their high germination rate and suitability for a variety of climates.

🌱 Embark on a Gardening Adventure 🌱

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or planting your first seed, our “Epic Garden” Seed Sets are your gateway to a world of growth, discovery, and fun. Order your set today and watch your garden—and the game’s characters—come to life right before your eyes!

Let the farming escapades extend from the tabletop to your soil. With “Epic Garden” Seed Sets, every day is an opportunity to grow, learn, and play.

Meet The Seed Set Stars of Epic Garden

🥦 Broccoli: The sturdy and lush green champion of the garden, symbolizing strength and resilience. Planting Mighty Broccoli seeds teaches the value of perseverance and robust health.

🎃 Pumpkin: The grand and heartwarming presence in any garden, embodying the spirit of abundance and community. Growing Giant Pumpkin seeds brings lessons in patience and the rewards of hard work.

🍉 Watermelon: The bearer of summer’s joy, offering refreshment and sweetness in every bite. Sweet Watermelon seeds encapsulate the essence of joy and the fruits of dedication.

🥕 Carrot: The hidden jewel of the earth, revealing surprises beneath the soil. Crunchy Carrot seeds encourage discovery and highlight the importance of nurturing the unseen.

🍓 Strawberry: The darling of the garden, spreading happiness with its sweet flavor. Planting Juicy Strawberry seeds is an act of love, teaching the need for tender care and the beauty of small delights.

🍆 Eggplant: The versatile and mysterious garden inhabitant, showcasing the diversity of nature. Elegant Eggplant seeds offer a journey into the exploration of unique tastes and the richness of variety.