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Limited Edition Epic Garden


Epic Garden Collector’s Edition: A Treasure for Enthusiasts 

🌟 Don’t Miss Out On The Limited Collector’s Edition – Only A Few Sets Left!🌟

Elevate your gaming experience with the “Epic Garden Collector’s Edition” – a masterpiece designed for the most dedicated fans of our beloved gardening adventure. This exclusive edition is more than just a game; it’s a collectible treasure that combines the joy and strategy of “Epic Garden” with the luxury of a deluxe presentation. Encased in a beautifully crafted, limited edition collector’s box, this version is a testament to the passion and dedication of the “Epic Garden” community.

  • Deluxe Collector’s Box: Each game is housed in a premium box, designed with intricate details and elegant finishes. This edition will be a showpiece in your game collection or display cabinet.
  • Limited Edition: Own a piece of “Epic Garden” history. This collector’s edition is produced in limited quantities, making it a rare gem for collectors and fans alike. We only have a small number left in stock!
  • Same Beloved Game: Inside, find the same cherished “Epic Garden” game, inviting players of all ages to cultivate their farms and face engaging challenges, from unpredictable weather to pesky pests and competing gardeners

🌱 Why Choose the Collector's Edition? 🌱

  • Collectibility: With its limited availability, the collector’s edition is a must-have for enthusiasts looking to complete or enhance their game collection.
  • Gift Potential: The perfect gift for the “Epic Garden” fan in your life, offering them a unique and special version of the game they love.
  • Display Quality: Beyond gameplay, this edition serves as a beautiful display piece, adding a touch of elegance to any room or collection.
  • Support & Dedication: Purchasing the collector’s edition shows your support for the game and contributes to the future development of “Epic Garden” adventures.
  • Contribute – $1 of every game sold is donated to Drought Angels, supporting Aussie farmers & Their Families.


Wondering How To Play Epic Garden?

Watch Jade explain the rules and gameplay in this easy to follow video.

Play Video about Kids Playing Epic Garden Card Game