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Master Garden Bundle


Buy Our Ultimate Epic Garden Bundle!

The Garden Master Bundle is the ultimate package for gardening enthusiasts and families who love to play and grow together. This exclusive bundle includes:

  • Epic Garden Card Game: A fun and educational family game that combines the joy of gardening with strategic gameplay. Perfect for players of all ages.
  • Limited Edition Epic Garden: A collector’s edition of the beloved Epic Garden game, featuring unique artwork and premium components. This limited edition set is a must-have for avid collectors and fans of the game.
  • 6 Seed Packets: Carefully selected to ensure high germination rates and a diverse gardening experience. These seed packets will bring vibrant and fruitful plants to your garden.
  • 6 Stickers: Add a touch of creativity to your gardening tools, notebooks, or personal items with these beautifully illustrated stickers that capture the essence of the Epic Garden game.

Watch our ‘How To Play’ video for a step-by-step guide on mastering the game.

Remember, $1 from each purchase you make will be generously donated to support Australian farmers and their families through Drought Angels.

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Wondering How To Play Epic Garden?

Watch Jade explain the rules and gameplay in this easy to follow video.

Play Video about Kids Playing Epic Garden Card Game